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About us

Who We Are

Fast forward to today, Telagri stands as a thriving hub for farmers and specialists alike. We’ve witnessed the impactful exchange of insights, the growth of sustainable practices, and the fostering of a vibrant agricultural community. Our platform has become a trusted space where the roots of knowledge intertwine, cultivating a future where agriculture thrives through collaboration and expertise.

How it started

At Telagri, our journey began with a shared passion for revolutionizing agriculture. It all started with a vision to connect farmers with top-notch specialists, creating a platform where knowledge and innovation converge. Fueled by the desire to uplift farming practices and empower agricultural communities, we embarked on a mission to build a bridge between those seeking wisdom and those ready to share their expertise.

What Is Planned

Looking ahead, our commitment to progress in agriculture remains unwavering. We have ambitious plans to enhance the user experience, introduce new features, and broaden our reach. The future holds exciting developments, from advanced consultation tools to fostering deeper connections between farmers and specialists. Telagri is dedicated to sowing the seeds of innovation in agriculture, and our roadmap is set to unfold a journey of continual growth and positive impact. Stay tuned for the next chapters in our story!

Irakli Chikava

Co-founder & CEO

Valeri Amiranashvili

Co-founder & COO

Lasha Shonia

Co-founder & CTO

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