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Specific Terms

Last updated December 11, 2023

These Specific Terms (the Specific Terms) set out legally binding specific terms and conditions and, together with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy published and available on our website – (the Website) (jointly referred to as the “Agreement”), apply and regulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the following parties:
Telagri LLC (the Company) – a limited liability company incorporated in accordance with the laws of Georgia with identification number 420435274, having its office in Tbilisi, Georgia,
Farmer (the Farmer) – a physical person registered on the Website as a “farmer”, and
Specialist (the Specialist) – a physical person registered on the Website as a “specialist”,
(The Company, the Farmer and the Specialist jointly referred to as the “Parties”).


The Company is an owner and administrator or the Website and the networking user platform on the Website (the “User Platform”) which aims to connect the farmers with the featured specialists / agronomists for the purpose of obtaining agricultural advice and solutions for their farming problems and issues (the “Agronomic Consultancy Service”);
The Farmer aims to connect with the suitable specialist / agronomist to get Agronomic Consultancy Service via the Website;
The Specialist agrees to provide Agronomic Consultancy Service to the Farmer via the Website.
The Parties hereby agree on the following specific terms and conditions:

1. The Company

1.1. The Company provides the Website and the User Platform on “as is” basis. The Company will do its best endeavors to provide and maintain the Website and the User Platform uninterruptedly and without errors, however the Company cannot guarantee that the Website, the User Platform and all their features will be flawless and without errors at all times.
1.2. The Company does not provide any consultancy service to any Party under this Agreement. The only service the Company provides hereunder is the “software as a service”, namely the Website and the User Platform in order for the Farmer and the Specialist to connect with each other for the purposes of getting/providing the Agronomic Consultancy Service.
1.3. The Company shall not be responsible to the Farmer in any way whatsoever for the Agronomic Consultancy Service provided by the Specialist to the Farmer under this Agreement.
1.4. In case there is a dispute between the Farmer and the Specialist in relation to the quality or terms of the Agronomic Consultancy Service or any term under the Agreement, the Company and its support team, upon the request of both or either party, may be involved as a mediator in dispute resolution.
1.5. Subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy and applicable data processing laws, and for the purpose of identifying its users, as well as providing better quality service to the users and/or serve the mediation purpose per clause 1.4 above, the Company reserves the right to collect, keep, process and use all personal information submitted by the Parties to the Company via the Website and the User Platform, as well as all the communication, data and files exchanged between the Farmer and the Specialist using the Website and the User Platform.
1.6. The Company reserves the right to suspend or cancel the registration of the Specialist on the User Platform in case there are number of complaints and/or low evaluation from the farmers towards the Specialist. The Company shall notify the Specialist about this in due time with or without further explanations.

2. The Farmer

2.1. The Farmer undertakes to provide the Specialist full, clear and true description of his/her agricultural issue or problem and provide any data, such as photo and video files, records of analysis, etc, as well as make video calls as requested by the Specialist. The Farmer is responsible for the completeness and truthfulness of the information and data provided.
2.2. The Farmer undertakes to duly pay the service fee for the Agronomic Consultancy Service as defined and agreed between the Specialist and the Farmer.
2.3. Only the Farmer is responsible for compliance with the recommendations provided under the Agronomic Consultancy Service.

3. The Specialist

3.1. The Specialist must request the Farmer all relevant information, description and data necessary to provide high quality Agronomic Consultancy Service to the Farmer. To this end, the Specialist may ask questions and request, including but not limited to, photo and video files, records of analysis, video call, etc.. In case the Farmer does not or cannot provide all required information or data the Specialist must warn the Farmer that due to the lack of information and data the advice may not be complete, accurate and correct, for which the Specialist shall not take the responsibility.
3.2. If, during the communication between the Farmer and the Specialist, the Specialist becomes aware of any other agricultural problems or issues of the Farmer, the Specialist shall notify the Farmer about this and provide the respective recommendation.
3.3. Provided that the Farmer gives the Specialist all necessary, complete and true information and data regarding the problem/issue, the Specialist shall be responsible for providing the Agronomic Consultancy Service to the Farmer in due and high professional manner by providing accurate, precise, clear and correct recommendations to follow in order to solve the problem/issue at hand with the highest proficiency possible.

4. Other Terms

4.1. These Specific Terms form the integral part of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy published and available on the Website that may be amended from time to time.
4.2. The Company by publishing the present Specific Terms on the Website or otherwise ensuring its availability to the Parties, and the Farmer and the Specialist by registering their accounts on the Website and accepting the Specific Terms, hereby agree to be bound by these Specific Terms. The Specific Terms come into force immediately upon its acceptance by all the Parties.
4.3. The Company may amend the Specific Terms at any time at its sole discretion and if it does so it shall notify the Parties about the amendments before they come into force

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